The Skyscraper Project

Triton Center

Skyscraper is an open-source realistic building and elevator simulator, written in C++. Newer versions are able to simulate small cities via parallel sim engines.
Custom add-on packages are recommended to fully experience the vast features of this simulator.

For support, visit the Skyscraper Simulator Forum or GitHub

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Release Version (2.0 Alpha 10, update 6) - 1/30/17:

Windows 64-bit

macOS - use development version below

Linux 64-bit

Source Code

Development Version (2.0 Alpha 11) - 01/15/23

Windows 64-bit (7-11) and the C++ runtime if you get errors running it.

macOS x86_64/ARM (10.13 or later)

Linux 64-bit (built on Debian 11)

Linux 64-bit (for older distros like Debian 10)

Raspberry Pi (Linux) 32-bit ARM

Source Code

Custom (third party) Add-on Packages

Triton Center floorplans

Build Dependencies (other software)

All Downloads

Skyscraper Simulator Forum

GitHub repository

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