Triton Center:

by Ryan Thoryk, fictitious, 142 floors, 72 elevators, three zones, Chicago.

Triton Center Triton Center Lobby Triton Center Elevator Triton Center Shaft

Glass Tower:

Original design by Dan Goozee and William Creber for the movie The Towering Inferno; current model by Ryan Thoryk and Michael Jehn based on movie blueprints provided by Joseph Musso. Fictitous, 138 floors, San Francisco.
Features 3 glass elevators, which ascend from the atrium lobby to the 135th floor Promenade Room.

Glass Tower Glass Tower Roof Glass Tower Atrium Base Glass Tower Front Setback

Other Pictures:

More pictures, which show some of the possibilities with Skyscraper, including working escalators. The elevator editor screenshot shows the extensiveness and realism of the simulated elevators.

Escalators Glass Elevators Sears Tower 3 Elevator Editor

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