Misc Development Screenshots

Official City Demo screenshot

Early screenshot of the multi-engine (Engine Contexts) structures in the C++ debugger (Eclipse on Debian Linux)

Memory usage (heap profile) of Skyscraper in Valgrind on Linux

This is the first image of Skyscraper powered by the Ogre engine taken in November 2010. Skyscraper previously used the CrystalSpace engine.

This is the same as the previous, but a better view.

This shows the framerate before the batch optimization was introduced (via the Dynamic Meshes feature). NTCC was getting about 30fps.

This shows the framerate after the batch optimizations. NTCC now has around 45fps.

Next is a series of photos from a test when I made 14,000 floors. Taken December 6, 2009.

This was a test from the same time, doing 100,000 floors.

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